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Residence Arco d`Oro


How to get there:

Some information about the way to get to the Island of Ischia by yourself, by bus, train or flight.

From Rome (A1) - From BARI (A16) - From SALERNO (A30)
You should get to the port of Naples, the "CALATA PORTA DI MASSA" dock (ferries, entrance at "Pisacane"): You must NOT go through the ring road, but you should follow the signs for the port area and after the exit, you should go on to the port, which is at 5 kms far from the highway
ADVANTAGES: It’s easier to go from highways (you can avoid the tangential and city traffic jams, because the junction leads you directly to the port).
DISADVANTADES: The trip is longer and more expensive and the number of departures is smaller.

On the contrary you can follow the signs for the ring road and go on towards POZZUOLI, go out at VIA CAMPANA (exit n.12) and go on for the port of POZZUOLI (Only Ferries), which is situated at about 4 KMs form the ring road.
ADVANTADES: the price is smaller and you get there early. There are a greater number of departures.
DISADVANTADES: It’s not easy to get to the quay (you have to go along the ring road and through the city centre and if there is traffic, it can take you more than an hour to get there).